February 20, 2019

Modkat XL here at last

We are pleased to announce thath we have received our shipment of the Modkat XL Litter box....this is fairly revolutionary as it takes the award winning Modkat one step further and empowers large or ailing cats to do their business in a sophisticated and stylish manner.

This litter box is both top entry and also side entry, so cats may choose which is best fro the same time it also looks good in your interior environment.

It is also suitable for 2-3 cats to use so you also get economies of scale.

The all-new Modkat XL Litter Box shares many of the traits of the original Modkat - the full-height seamless base, the reusable tarp liner, and of course the award-winning great looks! But all that’s just the beginning! We scaled up the XL to better suit larger cats and multi-cat households. Plus, you can use the XL as a top or front-entry solution, making it the most versatile litter box on the market.

  • Top-entry or front-entry configurations
  • 3 position removable lid
  • Full height base is perfect for side pee-ers!
  • Reusable liner lasts up to 3 months
  • Reduces litter tracking
  • Hanging, ergonomic scoop
  • The largest top-entry litter box on the market
  • Length x Width x Height
    53.3 x 41.3 x 43.2cm
  • Liner height is 36.8cm
  • Top-entry width is 26.0cm
  • Front-entry width is 21.0cm
  • Front-entry height from floor is 15.9cm
  • Weight is only 4.0kg
    Lid can support up to 13kg
    Walk-off platform can support up to 10kg
  • Seamless base with removable lid frame
January 11, 2019

Cat Scratchers in Australia

We now have a new shipment of cat scratchers in Australia.
The Lulu has now been superseded with the Ziggi which is the inner cutout from the Walk Thru2. These are slightly smaller than the original Walk Thru & Lulu and were changed purely for cost & logistics (pallet utilisation, cost of goods and postage). However the integrity of the product's form & function has been maintained whilst enhancing the aesthetics. 
  • The curvature appeals to cats as they can utilise a horizontal scratching action whilst relaxing in a contoured sleeping position.
  • The recycled paperboard is gentle on their claws
  • The corrugations assist with cooling in summer and retaining body heat  in winter
  • The scent of the outdoors attracts most cats as paperboard is made from trees…in this way cats can mark their territory as a happy place of their own
  • Most importantly the scratchers help prevent cats from scratching furniture.

So visit our site and see our fabulous Walk Thru2/Ziggi cat scratcher and lounge. These come in Ice White or Jet Black. Should you prefer something slightly larger then have a look at our Infinity which is available in Walnut Brown or Slate Grey.

A happy cat is all you want.

How to Buy the Best Cat Scratchers in Sydney

Cats are instinctively wild animals. Though they mostly like to lie around lazily, their intuition compels them to express their energy by scratching wooden blocks and other similar stuff which is soft enough for their claws to penetrate.

Therefore, while living with you in your house, they you’re your wooden furniture or upholstery.

 Best Cat Scratchers in Sydney

However to avoid damage to your interior furniture, it pays to invest in a purposed designed and built Luxury Cat Scratcher. Some of these are large enough to also act as a lounge so that your cat truly has a personal space that they are attracted to time and time again.

If you are trying to choose the best cat scratchers for your little furry friends and confused about what to buy and where to buy, then here are a few tips for you so that you get a clear idea of how to buy Cat Scratchers in Sydney.

  • You can buy luxury cat scratchers from offline stores at the market or from online stores from the convenience of your home as well. It is better if you go for online shopping so that you can compare different websites and buy the perfect one for your furry friends.
  • Secondly, get the size right. Furbabies come in different size and shapes and so are their scratching beds. Therefore, when you are trying to buy a cat scratcher for your babies, try to find the right size first. You can get the details of size along with the products if you are looking for cat scratchers at a good online store.
  • Always check the material of which the scratchers are made of. Cats like wooden surfaces to scratch. It helps them to remove old materials from their paws and clean them. That is the reason why you should go for wooden furniture always so that it is convenient for your pets to use them.
  • Some of the Modern Cat Scratchers come in the combination of metal, wood and recycled paperboard. The scratching pad is made of recycled paperboard (or corrugated cardboard) in this case, whereas the stand may be of metal or wood. These are long-lasting, easy to use and look great. Therefore, you should consider these while surfing cat scratchers online.
  • Recycled paperboard is the one most favoured by cats as the material is processed from trees thus reminding them of the outdoors. Cats have an acute sense of smell.
  • Read the customer reviews and compare the price of the products. Customer reviews will give you a better idea about the authenticity of the store and it will help you to buy the best available. Beware of cheap products as they will not last long. Try to select quality products from a reputable store.
  • Do you need a comfy scratch bed for your furry friends? Then please visit to get the best ones today!

The Real Reasons Why It Is Better Buy A Luxury Cat Scratcher

Having a cat at home is lot more than just having a pet. It requires a lot of care, not just for your furbaby but also you should address their needs and those of your home interiors as well. Things can become quite messy if your cat has the run on the house due to their specific scratching habits or territorial behavior. This is where having a large luxury cat scratcher at home becomes more an essential rather than a need.

Luxury Cat Scratcher

Here is a look at some of the reasons that will elaborate this point further –

Safety of your animals

As already mentioned cats love to scratch. If you don’t have a cat scratcher at home, then you will be left with two options. First one would be to let the cat run out in the open to find poles and other places to scratch. The second one would be let them do their thing inside the home. Both of these are not ideal.

A m much better idea is to choose a large, sturdy, deluxe cat scratcher which they can use to satisfy not only satisfy their scratching needs but also allows them to lounge and sleep on their own personal space.

Scratch free furniture

Scratching at random surfaces not just poses threat of getting injured to your cat, but at the same time it marks your furniture, decorations and carpets. Rather than letting your cat scratch freely on these surfaces and damage them, it is a smart investment to buy a cat scratcher and provide your furbaby the freedom to have its own personal space.

You can get plenty of great options out there in the market that can serve as the perfect addition to your home!

Get some great designs!

The best thing about modern cat scratchers is that they come in a variety of modern designs. What this means is that they don’t look like the old fashioned carpet poles but more like modern sculptures as they are formed from recycled paperboard into shapes which fit the contour of your cat’s stretched out body. You can place them inside your living room or any other place you want to, and they will serve the purpose as a decorative element apart from being a cat scratcher. 

Looking at all these benefits, a D&C Lifestyle cat scratcher & lounge will meet the needs of your furbaby whilst giving you an elegant look which will fit with most modern interiors. Af is home to the finest deluxe cat scratchers. Visit the website to check out what options do they have to offer for you.

Are you looking for a cat scratcher & lounge for your cat?

Cats love to scratch. Anyone who has a  cat at home knows how important it is to give your furkid their personal space to scratch. Looking at this need of cat owners, the market has seen an emergence of cat scratchers and lounges. With the help of paperboard cutting technologywe are able to sculpt paperboard into elegant pieces of furniture for your furkids.

a cat scratcher & lounge

The ‘lounge’ is different from a common pet bed – as the name suggests it encourages your cat to stretch out, relax and snooze. It is definitely their own personal space.

Because these Cat Scratcher & Lounges are large, most stores do not stock them due to the floorspace that they take up.

D&C Lifestyle is an Aussie online store that specializes in designing and manufacturing elegant cat scratcher and lounges, whether it be the Infinity or the innovative Walk Thru2 Duo.

Here is a look at some of the reasons that make this online marketplace so good –

Modern Pet Furniture

They have a select range of modern pet furniture that you cannot expect to get from retail stores, especially the ‘big box’ discounters.  You can visit them online to take a closer look at the range of accessories they have to offer, and see for yourself.

Great Prices

Another good thing about this luxury cat scratcher expert is that they offer the products at value prices. Their products are unique, designed by product designers who are not only passionate about their cats but also live their life in a world of good design. “Form follows function’  is the driving philosophy of D&C Lifestyle.

Trustworthy Quality

Perhaps the best thing about D&C Lifestyle is that they have managed to garner repute par excellence in their field. Over the years they have helped thousands of pet owners with their excellent products. Their aim is to strike a bond with their customers who are known as ‘Catvocates’ because they fully appreciate the emotional bond that D&C helps them  to nurture with their furkids. 

Whether you are looking to buy a cat scratcher for your furkids or planning to gift it to someone who owns a cat, there is nothing quite like going to D&C Lifestyle. Visit them once and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised that someone has taken the time and effort to treat cats with the same due respect so that you may enjoy modern pet furniture that you will love to live with..

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and visit D&C Lifestyle, and see what you have been missing out on. After all, there is nothing quite like the pleasure of watching your kitty having hours of fun,play and rest. D&C Lifestyle is just the place where you can get it all!

Planning to buy luxury cat scratchers for your cat? Stop running around and visit right away!

Why You Need to Buy Cat Scratchers in Australia

Cats have inborn compulsions to scratch as it is a part of their behaviour. It helps them to eliminate the old materials from their claws and clean it naturally. It also provides them with the ability to mark their territories as their paw contains the special pheromone glands that extract the scented materials which helps them to mark their territory. While outdoor cats find it easy to fit it in their natural regime, indoor cats are confronted with household furniture or couches. Therefore, it is very important to provide your pet cat with a territory that they can call their own and that is why a cat scratcher & lounge is ideal.. 

 Buy Cat Scratchers in Australia

Pets are like the little kids of the family. Therefore, taking care of all their needs is your duty so that they do not feel any boredom whilst being inside the home. It is very important to understand and study their natural behaviour and manage them in the best way possible. While you cannot let your little kitty scratch everything of your house, you also cannot prevent them from their intuitive activity and create a hindrance in their natural way of living. The cat scratchers in Sydney help you to let your little one live freely in the house and satiate their natural instincts too.


There is a huge range of modern scratchers available online. They come in every size and form for you to choose from. From wooden standing boards to deluxe beds, there is a huge variety of modern cat scratchers in Australia that you can choose and buy online from the comfort of your home. There are basic stores sell all kinds of pet furniture like scratching posts, sleeping beds, litter boxes etc. providing you with the one-stop solution for pet-furniture shopping. But these are not necessarily specialists for quality modern furniture.

There is no better solution for a cleaner home with pets than when you provide your pets with modern functional furniture which is easy fro them to use….so there is very little training required.  It is difficult to change a cat’s behaviour so it is best to provide them with furniture which they will like. But it is just as important to buy furniture that you will like as well….There is no [point in making your cat happy if you are not happy.


Shopping for elegant cat furniture such as cat beds, pods, modern litter boxes, and sculptured cat scratchers will change your perspective as to how well these items will look in your home, especially if your cat is an apartment dweller.


Cats generally take to their new environs quickly as they sense that it is their own special place. Very little training is required – cats are very intuitive. 

Happy cat. Happy home.


Check out the exclusive range of cat scratchers and modern cat furniture in Australia at and see what is possible.

3 Compelling Reasons You Need To Have A Modern Cat Scratcher At Home

Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul. – Pythagoras

If you have a cat at home, you would know how important it is to give them the comfort and coziness they need to stay healthy and happy. And, one of the most important accessories you need to have at home if you have a cat is a modern cat scratcher.

Just in case, you are unsure of whether you need to have one such accessory at home for your beloved pet, then we have plenty of other reasons that will compel you for the same –

Modern Cat Scratcher At Home

  1. They are simply beautiful

Though this might seem a little out of the way, but the first thing we’d like to mention here is that these accessories are utterly beautiful to have at home. As a matter of fact, for someone who does not know it is a cat scratcher it would appear to be a smart piece of furniture or sculpture at home.

They look good, are totally functional and are modern.

  1. They are good of your cat

Another great reason to invest in these accessories is that they can prove to be the best thing to happen for your cat. Scratching is a natural part of cat behaviour , so giving them the toys that they need for scratching and exercising their claws makes them happy whilst not destructive to your furniture..

By bringing home cat furniture such as a large scratcher you can rest assured that you are caring for their wellnessinside the home.

  1. They are the best thing for your home

Lastly, you will come to realize that buying a modern day cat scratcher may prove to be the best thing you can ever bring home. There are two reasons for it. Firstly, it will comfort & nurture your pet. Secondly, it will save your home from getting scratched by the cat, and the furniture from getting damaged.

In a way, by making a small investment in buying good looking, durable cat scratchers you can save yourself the angst of an unhappy, frustrated, bored cat. 

And, that’s what matters in the end isn’t it?

These were a few of the reasons that can compel any cat lover to bring home cat scratchers and other such accessories. If you have one at home, you can certainly take a look at the options and see what suits you best according to your needs.

Are you looking to buy a modern cat scratcher? If that’s the case, then going to can prove to be the smartest choice ever.

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