Cat Scratchers in Australia

We now have a new shipment of cat scratchers in Australia.
The Lulu has now been superseded with the Ziggi which is the inner cutout from the Walk Thru2. These are slightly smaller than the original Walk Thru & Lulu and were changed purely for cost & logistics (pallet utilisation, cost of goods and postage). However the integrity of the product's form & function has been maintained whilst enhancing the aesthetics. 
  • The curvature appeals to cats as they can utilise a horizontal scratching action whilst relaxing in a contoured sleeping position.
  • The recycled paperboard is gentle on their claws
  • The corrugations assist with cooling in summer and retaining body heat  in winter
  • The scent of the outdoors attracts most cats as paperboard is made from trees…in this way cats can mark their territory as a happy place of their own
  • Most importantly the scratchers help prevent cats from scratching furniture.

So visit our site and see our fabulous Walk Thru2/Ziggi cat scratcher and lounge. These come in Ice White or Jet Black. Should you prefer something slightly larger then have a look at our Infinity which is available in Walnut Brown or Slate Grey.

A happy cat is all you want.

Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis