January 25, 2018

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How To Choose The Perfect Cat Litter Furniture?

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Cat litter boxes allow our pets do their business with privacy but also helps hide the unmentionables from plain sight. No one wants to see or smell their cat’s litter inside the home. The old custom of using a cardboard box for your cat’s litter is long gone and the new trend is something that can go perfectly with your home décor. Cat litter furniture is made to look modern and classy so that it can be a perfect part of your décor at home. So, not only does your cat gets the luxurious treatment he or she deserves but your home also get some special treatment and care.

Cat Litter Furniture

The market is filled with different models and brands claiming to provide the ultimate cat litter furniture for your pet. Choosing the right one needs careful consideration and planning. Here are somethings that you need to think about while choosing the perfect cat litter furniture.

  • Scatter-proof- Your cat litter furniture avails your cat to do his or her business inside it to avoid your floor and furniture from getting dirty. But if after doing their business, they keep on dragging and scattering or tracking the litter throughout your home, there is no point in using the furniture. It is crucial that your cat litter furniture is constructed with scatter-proof technology to avoid such circumstances.


  • Smell-proof- Your cat furniture needs to be smell-proof not only on the outside but on the inside too. You do not want your room to smell but if the furniture does not have proper aeration technology, they will stink on the inside and your cat will not go in to do their business. You do not want your cat to litter outside despite having a cat litter furniture.


  • Outer look- The cat litter furniture you choose needs to be classy, elegant, and modern to look at. They should blend perfectly with your decor and should not be disruptive or look outdated in your home or living room.


  • Easy to clean- Cleaning your cat’s litter box is one of the most essential and problematic tasks that there is. Though you do not want to deal with it, you have to. Your cat litter furniture needs to be designed in such a way that cleaning it is easy, mess-free, and comfortable.


Keep these points in mind while choosing the perfect cat litter furniture for your pet and your home.

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You Won’t Believe The Range of Cat Scratchers Available Out There!

There is something mystical about cats. This is the reason why people love to have them as pets. But keeping them at home as your adorable animal partners bring with it some other responsibilities as well. Cats love to scratch, that’s why ergonomically designed cat scratchers are the purr-fect enrichment activity centre for cats .

Visit D & C Lifestyle and you will see that there is a lot more to cat scratchers than just an luxury piece of carpet wrapped around a pole!

Stylish options

You can select from a plethora of stylish options. There are luxury cat scratchers like the Walk Thru2 which as its name suggests, lets the cat walk thru the middle. This is complimented by the Ziggi which is a solid style scratcher& lounge.

Wait until you see the Infinity scratcher & lounge . This is a super sized scratcher designed for endless play & sleep .


 Cat Scratching

The Hepper Hi-Lo is possibly the most versatile with numerous configuration options so that your cat is never bored. As the name suggests, cats can use it to stretch in a high position or in a low position.

All of these scratchers are made from recycled paperboard and come in a variety of sizes.

Cat scratching lounges

These Scratchers also offer a comfortable place for your cat to lounge around and sleep.  In fact they are large enough to accommodate most cats as the Infinity is about 80 cm long and has a contoured sides for added comfort.

It is a little known fact that as paperboard is derived from trees it reminds cats, through their acute sense of smell, of the outdoors – something which most indoor cats  never get to experience.

As well as being environmentally friendly, these scratchers  are cool in summer and warm in wither because the corrugations allow for air circulation..happy cat!

Possibly the best way to comfort your cat these paperboard scratchers & lounges offer a personal space which your cat owns, by marking its territory…thus avoiding the temptation to scratch your furniture. You have given your cat a special place where it can go to eliminate all its scratching needs. Isn’t that really wonderful?

These options come as a blessing for people who cannot stand their cats scratching everywhere in the house, on the furniture and across the walls. If you love your cats, then investing in these luxury cat scratchers & lounges is really a sensible option. After all, there is nothing morerewarding than seeing your cat/s contented land knowing that it has the one place where it can go whenever it feels the urge to scratch or just to snooze. is home to some of the finest luxury modern cat scratchers and lounges you can ever expect to get anywhere in the market. Visit them now.

December 22, 2017

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Why You Need To Get A Modkat Litter Box Today?

It is crucial that your cat likes their litter box or they are just going to ignore it and keep doing their business everywhere else in the house. Therefore, you need to consider their comfort and ease of use when buying their litter box. But with that, you also want something that is a little better and easier for you to clean and manage.

Modkat litter boxes are great and their popularity speaks for their efficiency, functionality and style. Their award-winning design makes the entire process simpler, for both the cat and its owner.

Modkat Litter Box

The Modkat litter box is a large square box that will blend perfectly with your décor. The simple and subtle design is perfect to complement any interior decor.

Your cat enters the box from the top (not the side as with most conventional litter trays) to do their business, which gives them plenty discretion and privacy. Moreover, the lid multitasks both as keeping the box closed as well as cleaning the paws of your feline from any traces of litter. We all know how irritating and difficult it is to clean up litter traces from your floor or furniture.

The ModKat litter box comes with its very own scoop so that makes cleaning is easier and better. The configuration of the box helps to eliminate odour and the reusable tarp liner is leak proof so that you do not need any unnecessary cleaning. This litter box is miles ahead of the cardboard or plastic litter box you might have been using.

Your cat deserves pampering and the Modkat  is a great way to acknowledge that it is truly a Modern Cat..

If you have a dog or small children, you will know the difficulty of keeping them far away from your feline’s litter tray. It is impossible to run after your dog or child and keep track of them every second so that they do not touch the litter box. The ModKat litter box is enclosed and perfect for keeping them out and your cat’s litter in. That is the beauty of a top entry litter box.


The Modkat looks like a piece of furniture that belongs perfectly in your home, amongst your carefully selected furniture and other paraphernalia.  If you are a cat owner and struggling to cope with your cat’s messiness, then perhaps an investment in a stylish Modkat is the answer.

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Pamper Your Pet With The Finest Cat Litter Box Furniture!

There is no doubt that your pet is your pride and joy. If you have a cat, you know just how special they are. Full of attitude, love, and affection, they are a delight to be with. Your cat needs to know just how appreciated and loved they are and that is why it is essential to pamper and spoil them. Here are some amazing ways to spoil and pamper your cats.

Stylish cat litter box furniture- Are you still using an ugly plastic tray as a litter box for your  cat? Just because your beloved cat cannot vocally complain it does not mean that they like their toileting area. An ‘open’ litter tray does not show that you understand your cat.

Cat Litter Box Furniture

Did you know that cats like to do their business in private, with no-one watching.

The Modkat is unique in that it is the world’s first top entry litter box…it is not only functional but looks great in any home, as it does not look like your regular litter box.

Made by two cat parents, Rich Williams & Brett Tepper, who also happen to be award winning industrial designers, their vision was to create a litter box which was functional in every way and aesthetically beautiful in any home.

So here are some of the amazing features of the modkat:

  • Top entry for privacy and minimizes tracking of litter
  • Made from sturdy, easy to clean plastic
  • Lid which is easily removable and swings for easy of daily cleaning
  • Lid has holes which capture pieces of litter and allows them to fapp back into the litter tray
  • Comes with an industrial strength reusable tarp liner to hold litter and allow for easy cleaning
  • Come with a plastic scoop to fit within the corners of the box for easy cleaning
  • Scoop hangs conveniently on the outside of the box
  • Comes in 3 neutral colours: black, grey or white

The simple benefits are many, but possibly the best ids that you will have a happy cat.


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Why You Need Modern Cat Scratchers At Home?

If you loveyour cat, then cat scratchers are something you must be familiar with. And, if you thought these were some ugly looking accessories that would spoil the beauty of your home then you need to give it a second thought. We are talking about the modern cat scratchers here.

Here is a look at three reasons that will compel you to have one (or two) at home, if you want your cats to be happy–

  1. They Are Beautiful

One of the first things about these modern accessories is that they are as beautiful as your home furniture. Rather than spoiling your home décor, they might add an element of panache to it. In fact, you can take a look at some of these accessories online at professionals like D&C Lifestyle to get an idea about what these cat scratchers can look like.

  1. They Will Entertain Your Pet

Another great thing about these cat scratchers is that they are the perfect accessory to entertain your cat. No longer will your cat need to run everywhere looking for things to do and places to scratch. All it will need is a peaceful place and these cat scratchers. If you a happy cat, then these accessories can prove to be the smartest investment that will keep your pet animal hooked up for hours.

Modern Cat Scratchers At Home

  1. Save Your Home Furniture

And, the biggest reason is that by having these scratchers at home you can save your home furniture from all types of damage that your pet would cause. Considering the fact that it will have its own scratching place where it can entertain itself, it won’t look to scratch the arms of your couch, or other furniture that you have at home. So, you can be certain to save yourself from investing a lot on getting the furniture repaired by spending a small amount on these modern cat scratchers. One of the reasons for this is that cats are territorial and they ’mark out their territory’ so they keep going back to the scratcher and sleep on it as it is contoured to their body.

Also being made from recycled paperboard which comes from trees, it reminds them of the outdoors.

These three top reasons that will help you understand the benefits of these scratchers. If you are still unsure about the same, you need to check out the range of luxury cat scratchers that professionals like D&C Lifestyle have to offer. And, you will certainly change the decision.

Specifically designed and manufactured by D&C, you will not find this range anywhere else.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there, check the scratcher options available out there and bring the best one home for your pet for it to enjoy and have a great time! After all, keeping your pet happy is what matters in the end, isn’t it?

November 22, 2017

Black Friday Rescue

D&C support the tireless work done for rescue cats. For some time we have been supporting Catmosphere which is a cat cafe in Sydney. These guys receive unwanted kittens & cats, vaccinate them and get them ready for adoption once a suitable cat carer is found.

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November 17, 2017

Benefits of having a cat scratcher at home

People love having cats as pets but hate them when they scratch furniture. It’s their nature to scratch something or the other. However, you can prevent your furniture from the damage by buying a simple cat scratcher which also looks great.

Cat Scratchers Australia

It is a special kind of pet furniture that is specially made to take the kind of abuse a cat does to your furniture. It is made of different types of materials. It is ideally made with the mixture of wood, cloth, and fabric that attracts the cats.The look and feel of the scratcher will grab your cat’s attention and the cat will love to flow its claw through it.

You can buy cat scratchers at pet stores, large supermarkets or online stores. There are a million of options to choose from, ranging from scratching post stand to a hanging cat scratcher.  Here are a few effective tips to ensure that your cat scratcher does its job-

  1. Choose a scratcher that matches with your kitty’s favorite home furniture. If your kitten likes woodwork, you can choose rough timber. But if your kitten likes soft surfaces, prefer plush carpeting.
  2. You can place these cat scratchers here and there in your house at irregular intervals so that your cat gets fewer chances to scratch something of more value. It is a good idea to have 2 scratchers placed in different rooms.
  3. Reward your cat every time it scratches the post. The reward can be anything, something edible, extra playtime or petting. This will encourage the cat to scratch the post more as it will feel that scraping the post is more rewarding than scraping furniture.

Earlier, these cat scratchers were boring and basic. Modern cat scratchers have come along a great way from the old post that your grandma once had. They are available in different sizes, small or big, horizontal or vertical, even such that can hang on the back of your door. They are even handy.

The best thing about modern cat scratchers is that it comes in nice neutral tones, so it will not clash with your current décor. There are thousands of designs available on the internet to choose from. Whether you have a home with a rustic lodge or chrome and leather as the key design, you can select the one that matches your furniture style.

With so many designs, colors, and shapes available, there is no reason to supply your kitty a beautiful cat scratcher. Utilize the wide variety of scratchers available to incorporate into any of your room design and make yourself and your cat happy.


D&C Lifestyle has made the world’s smartest looking cat scratchers. For more information, you can visit