The Real Reasons Why It Is Better Buy A Luxury Cat Scratcher

Having a cat at home is lot more than just having a pet. It requires a lot of care, not just for your furbaby but also you should address their needs and those of your home interiors as well. Things can become quite messy if your cat has the run on the house due to their specific scratching habits or territorial behavior. This is where having a large luxury cat scratcher at home becomes more an essential rather than a need.

Luxury Cat Scratcher

Here is a look at some of the reasons that will elaborate this point further –

Safety of your animals

As already mentioned cats love to scratch. If you don’t have a cat scratcher at home, then you will be left with two options. First one would be to let the cat run out in the open to find poles and other places to scratch. The second one would be let them do their thing inside the home. Both of these are not ideal.

A m much better idea is to choose a large, sturdy, deluxe cat scratcher which they can use to satisfy not only satisfy their scratching needs but also allows them to lounge and sleep on their own personal space.

Scratch free furniture

Scratching at random surfaces not just poses threat of getting injured to your cat, but at the same time it marks your furniture, decorations and carpets. Rather than letting your cat scratch freely on these surfaces and damage them, it is a smart investment to buy a cat scratcher and provide your furbaby the freedom to have its own personal space.

You can get plenty of great options out there in the market that can serve as the perfect addition to your home!

Get some great designs!

The best thing about modern cat scratchers is that they come in a variety of modern designs. What this means is that they don’t look like the old fashioned carpet poles but more like modern sculptures as they are formed from recycled paperboard into shapes which fit the contour of your cat’s stretched out body. You can place them inside your living room or any other place you want to, and they will serve the purpose as a decorative element apart from being a cat scratcher. 

Looking at all these benefits, a D&C Lifestyle cat scratcher & lounge will meet the needs of your furbaby whilst giving you an elegant look which will fit with most modern interiors. Af is home to the finest deluxe cat scratchers. Visit the website to check out what options do they have to offer for you.

Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis