About Us

Welcome to the D&C Lifestyle web store.

We specialise in exclusive, innovative, modern pet furniture and accessories for design conscious pet owners.

Pets are part of your family. They share our lives and our living spaces. They deserve furniture that provides them with comfort and safety and suits the décor of modern living.
Our goal is to create and market unique furniture which would not only look good but also fulfil a real need for both pet’s and their owners’ lifestyles.

Our products are handcrafted and made from luxurious, stylish fabrics and materials especially for your four legged friends – both cats and dogs.

Say hello to ModKat  the world’s smartest looking, most functional top entry cat litter box. Is it the best litter box ever? We think so. Since we first launched the Modkat there have been several litter boxes which have followed Modkat's style lead but after viewing most of these , they lack the quality that Modkat offer.

The innovative Modkat Cat Litter box is really unique. Best described as a place 'where modern cats do their business' Designers Brett Tepper and Rich Williams have turned logic on its head and come up with a litter box solution which has to be seen to be believed. 

We are famous for our cat scratchers. These new, convenient paperboard scratchers replace the not so pretty scratching posts.

Our Original Infinity Deluxe Scratcher & Lounge comes in grey or brown. Very sturdy, these paperboard scratchers have a natural affinity with cats. Beware of copycats as they often use inferior cardboard.

We have also designed and manufactured the D&C Walk-Thru2 scratchers to give that added flexibility and use for your cat. The Ziggi are our solid scratchers which is a tad smaller than the Walk-Thru2.

Our latest design is the unique Cat Cubby.  Made from recyclable paperboard is doubles up a s a cat cave/hideaway whist functioning as a scratcher. For prolonged use it is reversible.

Most importantly, our products enrich your pets lives - safe, secure, hygienic and private.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Modern pet furniture you will love to live with!