October 20, 2017

Licki Brush on The Living Room

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New Pet Parents

* New Pet Parents - Essentials for First time Fur Baby Owners


The new Cat Parent:


Here’s a checklist for the new Cat Parent. There are a few things that you should buy preparation for your kitty. A good litter box (and litter) is essential. By training your cat to toilet themselves in a secure place you will rest assured that not only will you have a happy cat but also a clean home.

Scratching lounges are also advantageous by preventing boredom, naturally sharpens their talons and prevents furniture from being scratched. The great thing about a corrugated cardboard scratcher & lounge is that they attract cats due to their scent of the outdoors i.e. cardboard comes from trees. So cats are naturally attracted to them. Cats secrete oils from there talons which means that they will go back there time and time again as they have marked their territory. It is often worthwhile to have more than one scratching post for variation. Plus they use these loungers to stretch out and nap on….warm in winter and cool in summer.

Food and water bowls should be the correct size and placed next to each other. It is a good practice to have freshwater nearby especially if you use dried food.

As regards bedding, cats are creatures of habit and if you do not give them their own personal space they will soon choose their own space within your household. Give them a bed which can be perched above the ground is is preferably enclosed or has cushioned walls. Cats do not like sleeping on the ground or in heavy traffic, windy areas. Therefore you need to find space for them to spend the most part of their days resting in a secure place

The new Dog Parent

Adequate food and water bows…the water bowl should be placed near the food bowl especially if you serve dried food.

As regards bedding, dogs are not as fussy as cats as they often sleep anywhere on the floor…however it is a good practice to have 2 beds in different areas of your house so that they can have variety, be close to you and be comfortable.

You will need a good collar & leash which is compatible with the size and weight of your dog…they need plenty of walks….also make sure they have an ID tag…dogs have a tendency to wander.

Cat Bed Sizing Guide

Find the Right Size for Your Pussy.


Cats may be classified in 2 sizes – normal and huge

As most cats are normal size, their beds are generally around 40-50cm in diameter…the saying ‘one size fits all” has never been truer. Cats always curl up so they fit into smaller places than you think.


It is also a good practice to ensure that the bed has protection for them….they prefer to be in warm, secure places away from busy areas, perched above the ground and offering security from passing activity.

Cat Pods offer the perfect recluse. Baskets with walls are also appealing.

Dog Bed Sizing Guide

Dog Bed Sizing Guide - Find the Right Size for Your Pooch.


Dogs may be classified as small medium or large (+ x-large)

Small dogs weigh anywhere between 1 to 10 kg and the recommended that size would be 60 cm x 45 cm

Medium dogs would weigh between 10 to 25 kg. The typical bed size would be around 70 cm x 55cm Large dogs could be classified as weighing 25kg to 35kg Their beds measure around 90 cm x 60 cm

Extra large dogs would weigh in excess 40 kg and beds could be in excess of 100 cm by 65 cm

It Is common for a dog to curl up in one spot when asleep. This insures that they feel safe and protected. The ideal bed might be a round bed with site padding for them to curl up against - this gives them extra padding to rest their head. The other style of bed is the square bed either as a cushion or with protective sides which gives them a sense of security and warmth.


Save your furniture

I read some info a while ago as to why Paperboard Scratchers help to ‘save’ furniture.
Cat’s like to mark their territory and when they scratch furniture their claws secrete a scent which makes them return.
When cats smell the paperboard it has the scent of the trees  and reminds them of the outdoors,  as the paperboard is made from trees.  As you know, cats have an incredible sense of smell and they relate to the paperboard scratchers which gives them a sense of wellbeing when they are either scratching or sleeping on it.
The corrugated cardboard helps keep in the warmth in winter and is cooling in summer….so they really are an ‘enrichment’ functional piece of furniture for your cats well being.
They then return to the scratchers and leave your furniture alone.

Meyou Cat Bed Cube

The concept of Meyou - Paris originated from Aude, a Parisian woman with a background in marketing and communication.  She made a  simple observation, there are a lot of cat products on the market but how often do they meet your design expectations?

Aude teamed up with Guillaume a designer, and together they developed the Meyou line of cat beds.

Meyou’s mission is to let your cat nap in a safe yet appealing place.  The designs have an architectural feel and would look amazing in a modern home, plus each piece has been designed with a cat’s natural instincts in mind. Cozy cocoons provide the perfect hideaway and a combination of textures and heights offer nice variety. The Ball is low to the floor and made with metal, and soft cotton. The Cube has a geometric accent that encases the woven cotton bubble. Providing maximum comfort, this line of furniture keeps a refreshing yet sleek and modern design while meeting the needs of your cat

Me & You, a cat and an owner that meet and live together.

A lot of effort goes into your home design and all it takes is a cheap cat bed to ruin the look. For those who love both their pets and functional design, we have the Meyou designer cat beds. 

Meyou cat beds are both beautiful & functional, designed to compliment your lifestyle and keep your cat cosy. Handcrafted in Paris using the finest natural materials -metal, cotton & wool, these beautiful designs have an architectural feel and would look amazing in a modern home. These luxury cat beds have been designed to offer your cat the maximum comfort while decorating our home with absolute beauty & style.

The subtle and refined design brings together curved and straight lines creating an elegant cocoon for your cat. Curious & playful by nature they will be able to use it to take shelter, observe the world, hide, nap or sharpen their claws.

THE CUBE: represents the flawlessness of graphic shape, the softness of a handmade woven  cotton bubble and a real sanctuary for your cat. A small cube in which it can sleep in and sharpen its claws.

Who is Hepper for?

If you are familiar with the Eames’s, know Herman Miller from Herman Munster and like classic designs, then Hepper is for you.  Or, if you have cats or dogs and want something for them that will just make them happy, then Hepper is for you.  Either way, we are here to provide you with thoughtful, timeless and functional pet products. Our designs for Hepper are unique.  We are in the business of creating something new for pets.  We are not driven by the mass market and the whims of big-box retailers.  We are driven by our desire to create special products for you – products that function, look great, and that have a point of view. We hope that our pieces add to your decor and that when they are not being slept in, scratched or eaten out of, they are just great to look at.  Consider them conversation pieces or mini sculptures that you and your pets can enjoy together.X