Pamper Your Pet With The Finest Cat Litter Box Furniture!

There is no doubt that your pet is your pride and joy. If you have a cat, you know just how special they are. Full of attitude, love, and affection, they are a delight to be with. Your cat needs to know just how appreciated and loved they are and that is why it is essential to pamper and spoil them. Here are some amazing ways to spoil and pamper your cats.

Stylish cat litter box furniture- Are you still using an ugly plastic tray as a litter box for your  cat? Just because your beloved cat cannot vocally complain it does not mean that they like their toileting area. An ‘open’ litter tray does not show that you understand your cat.

Cat Litter Box Furniture

Did you know that cats like to do their business in private, with no-one watching.

The Modkat is unique in that it is the world’s first top entry litter box…it is not only functional but looks great in any home, as it does not look like your regular litter box.

Made by two cat parents, Rich Williams & Brett Tepper, who also happen to be award winning industrial designers, their vision was to create a litter box which was functional in every way and aesthetically beautiful in any home.

So here are some of the amazing features of the modkat:

  • Top entry for privacy and minimizes tracking of litter
  • Made from sturdy, easy to clean plastic
  • Lid which is easily removable and swings for easy of daily cleaning
  • Lid has holes which capture pieces of litter and allows them to fapp back into the litter tray
  • Comes with an industrial strength reusable tarp liner to hold litter and allow for easy cleaning
  • Come with a plastic scoop to fit within the corners of the box for easy cleaning
  • Scoop hangs conveniently on the outside of the box
  • Comes in 3 neutral colours: black, grey or white

The simple benefits are many, but possibly the best ids that you will have a happy cat.


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Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis