Cat Scratching Lounge - To Protect Your Furniture From Your Cat

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Does your cat love to scratch and mark your furniture? Are you tired of destroyed furniture that looks horrible and destroys your home décor? Scratching and clawing is something that is quite inherent in cats and not something that they deem wrong. The first thing that you need to know before buying a cat scratching lounge is to know why do they do it?

Why do cats scratch?

Scratching and clawing is one of the natural ways that a cat keeps their claws sharp . They might have been tamed as domestic house cats but the struggle for survival is quite inherent and so is their behaviour to be always ready for battle.

Cat Scratching Lounge

Another one of the reasons why your furniture gets regularly destroyed is that cats have a constant need to leave visual as well as scent markings on the objects. They claim them as their territory and therefore mark them as their own. They want to communicate to other animals through their mark that the particular object belongs to them.

Cats also love to stretch and exercise by clawing at the hard objects in your home, including the furniture, walls, etc. They want to stay in shape and therefore stretch using their claws on the hard surface and stretching their body. It is normal and daily activity that you cannot stop your cat form pursuing.

How to prevent the scratching and the clawing?

Since you cannot stop your cat from stretching and clawing the furniture, what do you do? Do you just stop caring and let them destroy your carefully selected furniture? Cat scratching furniture is the perfect solution to all your problems. Made specifically from a hard and rough surface for your cat to scratch against, this furniture is a great way to protect your home from your cat’s claws.

Just keep the cat scratching lounge near your furniture and see them change their ways. Since cat scratching lounges is specifically made for the sole purpose of your cat scratching and clawing it, they are much more comfortable and easy for them to use. The hard and rough surface and the structure of the lounge will allow your cat to stretch and claw with ease and happiness. And you get to keep all your beautiful furniture in their optimum shape.

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Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis