Benefits of having a cat scratcher at home

People love having cats as pets but hate them when they scratch furniture. It’s their nature to scratch something or the other. However, you can prevent your furniture from the damage by buying a simple cat scratcher which also looks great.

Cat Scratchers Australia

It is a special kind of pet furniture that is specially made to take the kind of abuse a cat does to your furniture. It is made of different types of materials. It is ideally made with the mixture of wood, cloth, and fabric that attracts the cats.The look and feel of the scratcher will grab your cat’s attention and the cat will love to flow its claw through it.

You can buy cat scratchers at pet stores, large supermarkets or online stores. There are a million of options to choose from, ranging from scratching post stand to a hanging cat scratcher.  Here are a few effective tips to ensure that your cat scratcher does its job-

  1. Choose a scratcher that matches with your kitty’s favorite home furniture. If your kitten likes woodwork, you can choose rough timber. But if your kitten likes soft surfaces, prefer plush carpeting.
  2. You can place these cat scratchers here and there in your house at irregular intervals so that your cat gets fewer chances to scratch something of more value. It is a good idea to have 2 scratchers placed in different rooms.
  3. Reward your cat every time it scratches the post. The reward can be anything, something edible, extra playtime or petting. This will encourage the cat to scratch the post more as it will feel that scraping the post is more rewarding than scraping furniture.

Earlier, these cat scratchers were boring and basic. Modern cat scratchers have come along a great way from the old post that your grandma once had. They are available in different sizes, small or big, horizontal or vertical, even such that can hang on the back of your door. They are even handy.

The best thing about modern cat scratchers is that it comes in nice neutral tones, so it will not clash with your current décor. There are thousands of designs available on the internet to choose from. Whether you have a home with a rustic lodge or chrome and leather as the key design, you can select the one that matches your furniture style.

With so many designs, colors, and shapes available, there is no reason to supply your kitty a beautiful cat scratcher. Utilize the wide variety of scratchers available to incorporate into any of your room design and make yourself and your cat happy.


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Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis