ModKat is ideal for Kids with Autism

I was touched recently when a customer, Kelly bought a Hepper POD and a Nom Nom dish for her kitten who was arriving soon as a playmate for her 6yo boy who has autism.

Immediately I offered her a Modkat as these Litter boxes are fabulous in keeping the nasty bits away from prying hands. Here's the email from Kelly:

Hi Andrew,
That is such a very generous offer, one I feel awkward about accepting.  It certainly has been a tricky journey and yes lots of $$ on  therapies but our little man has made wonderful gains and amazes us every day with how his little mind works.  I think he is destined for great things as he really does think outside the square and has a unique perspective on things and has taught me a lot – such as finding patience I never thought I had J!
An autism diagnosis can certainly bring out the best and worst in people (for example, some don’t want their kids to play together or cut off friendships cause our lives are a bit more tricky and take a bit more planning) and then I get to meet some really wonderful people who are accepting of other’s differences and understand that raising a child on the spectrum can be really hard work, emotionally and financially.
Your kind gesture is certainly appreciated (I even had a little tear when I read your email) and I accept graciously (would love a white one).  I am sure I will back to your site to purchase in the future once our feline friend joins our family and I will most definitely share your website with other pet lovers.
Thank you,

All the best to everyone who cares for kids in need. Please drop me an email for an extra discount.

cheers, Andrew

Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis