Modkat XL Litter Box


The all-new Modkat XL Litter Box shares many of the traits of the original Modkat - the full-height seamless base, the reusable tarp liner, and of course the award-winning great looks! But all that’s just the beginning! We scaled up the XL to better suit larger cats and multi-cat households. Plus, you can use the XL as a top or front-entry solution, making it the most versatile litter box on the market.

Pin It Fancy

  • Top-entry or front-entry configurations
  • 3 position removable lid
  • Full height base is perfect for side pee-ers!
  • Reusable liner lasts up to 3 months
  • Reduces litter tracking
  • Hanging, ergonomic scoop
  • The largest top-entry litter box on the market
  • Length x Width x Height
    53.3 x 41.3 x 43.2cm
  • Liner height 36.8cm
  • Top-entry width. 26.0cm
  • Front-entry width. 21.0cm
  • Front-entry height from floor. 15.9cm
  • Weight 4.0kg
    Lid can support up to 13kg
    Walk-off platform can support up to 10kg
  • Seamless base with removable lid frame
  • Modkat Scoop
  • Swiveling 3-position lid
  • Front-entry kit
    • Reusable Liner (D)
    • Walk-off platform
  • Top-entry kit
    • Reusable Liner (C)
    • Front entrance cover

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