Modkat Cat Litter Box

Who says a litter box can't embrace form as well as function, work with your decor and provide an unparalleled experience for your cat. Not us. The award winning top entry Modkat litter box is the answer. Its modern design complements any room, while the enclosed base and "rooftop access" allows your cat the privacy needed to do his or her business. Available in white, grey or black 

Modkat ensures complete privacy and assists to solve cat toiletting problems where messy behaviour is an issue.

Every detail of this patented design has been thoughtfully considered.

  • The locking lid acts as a walk-off mat keeping litter off your floors
  • Prevents small dogs or children from enjoying the "treats" inside
  • Ergonomic scoop stows neatly on the side (no brush)
  • Reusable litter liner is friendly to your wallet and the environment.
  • 381mm tall, 406mm deep, 406mm wide and the entry opening is 216mm at its smallest point. The interior is large enough for the average cat to comfortably turn around inside and do their digging

Being green saves you money.

The Modkat Litter Liner is reusable with incorporated handles for effortless removal and emptying. Constructed of commercial-strength silver tarpaulin, which is rip-resistant and a snap to clean! The liner is extra tall with a fitted band keeping it snug to the perimeter of the box. It's designed to fit perfectly inside the Modkat Litter Box, which means you'll never see an ugly protruding unfitted liner again. We highly recommend using organic or all natural clumping litter with our liners.

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