Toy & Scratcher Bundle

Our Toy & Scratcher Bundle introduces our new box of Kitty Toys with our exclusive Walk Thru2 Cat Scratcher & Lounge for a limited time only.

Kitty Toys

These dangler and floor toys are a range of individual and interactive toys that will both entertain and exercise your cat for hours on end. They feature feathers, rattles & bells.

These are fabulous toys for your kitty. This set contains 7 beautiful extendable toys that your cat will keep your cat amused and interested. Each toy is slightly different to add variety. Two toys have a long extendable 'bouncy' rope with a bell which attach to a 40cm stick. Simply dangle the rod in front with a bouncy motion.

The other 5 toys have been designed to grab your cats attention and give them hours of entertainment. These measure roughly 7 cm and are made of different coloured twine, have a rattle inside and a feather attached. You will not be disappointed! 

The box contains 7 for each day of the week!

Walk Thru2 Cat Scratcher & Lounge

This fabulous cat scratcher is constructed to be durable and stable whilst offering multifunctional use to scratch, play and sleep. 

Multifunctional use is at the forefront of this design by allowing your cat to 'walk thru' the inside. Plus it is fully reversible for prolonged use

Unlike common cat scratching posts made from sisal/rope ours are made from durable recycled paperboard.

  • Dimensions: 75cm x 26cm x 23cm (length x height x width)
  • Weight: 3kg

Type: Unknown Type

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