Cat Toys

These dangler and floor toys are a range of individual and interactive toys that will both entertain and exercise your cat for hours on end. They feature feathers, rattles & bells.

These are fabulous toys for your kitty. This set contains 7 beautiful extendable toys that your cat will keep your cat amused and interested. Each toy is slightly different to add variety. Two toys have a long extendable 'bouncy' rope with a bell which attach to a 40cm stick. Simply dangle the rod in front with a bouncy motion.

The other 5 toys have been designed to grab your cats attention and give them hours of entertainment. These measure roughly 7 cm and are made of different coloured twine, have a rattle inside and a feather attached. You will not be disappointed! 

The box contains 7 for each day of the week!

Type: Accessories

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