ProPaws Banana Scratcher

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D&C Lifestyle have developed our ProPaws Banana Scratcher. It is Australian designed & produced we are really proud of our innovative local content.

We teamed up with D3 Design to create a truly unique multi positional Banana shaped scratching pad. Months of trials and testing resulted in the Banana Scratcher - for the modern urban cat. Simple in construction and pure in form and function, the scratcher is made in Australia from FSC certified timber. It is infinitely adjustable in an instant and with no tools.

The Pro Paws Banana is the purr-fect shape to arch your kitty's back as it digs its claws into the cardboard. Special corrugated channels funnel fresh air to keep your cat cool & relaxed.


Although cats everywhere have the not-so-secret mission to destroy all couch arms, they will never look back once they see the Banana.   It even looks like the nice human furniture in your living room, so they will happily try to destroy it too.

Did you know that cat's claws secrete a scent which marks out their territory?....Therefore once they use a scratcher, they always go back to it and as such it is a proven distraction for keeping their claws away from your furniture.

Multi angled scratching to satisfy even the fussiest cat. It is reversible and refills are available.

Sleek modern design to fit with most contemporary interiors.


  • Perfect arc shape for cat scratching action. Stable in all positions.
  • Multiple positions - Up is 53cm high and Down is 38cm high at the top.  Adjust the angle for your cat's preference.
  • 6.5 cm thick cardboard pad for extended scratching life.
  • Construction: Australian sourced and crafted hoop pine base that supports our recycled natural brown corrugated cardboard.
  • Overall size 33 cmW x 38 cmD x 53 cmH.
  • Scratch area is 30.5 cm wide and if fully reversible.
  • Refills are available
  • Simple assembly in less than 30 seconds.
Every Banana Needs a Good Scratch.

Type: Scratchers

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