Cat Cubby Deluxe

Our very latest design is this attractive Cat Cubby.

D&C believe that furniture for cats should be beautiful, modern and work with your interior design and at the same time be functional and provide both enrichment (exercise) and relaxation for your cat? Our exclusive Cat Cubby Deluxe cat scratcher & hideaway does just that!

This fabulous Cat Cubby is constructed to be durable and stable whilst offering multifunctional use to scratch, play and sleep. 

Offering a peek-a-boo entry hole, this hideaway  offers privacy & seclusion, two aspects which appeal to cats. How many times have you lost your cat only to find that it has found its way into a cupboard or box?

Multifunctional use is at the forefront of this design. It is reversable for prolonged use.

Available in beautiful Burnt is elegant with a matt finish. Unlike conventional scratching posts made from rope or sisal our scratching posts/scratchers are made from durable, recycled paperboard.

Dimensions: 60cm x 30cm x 33cm (length x height x width) Weight 3kg

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