Hi Andrew,

"I purchased the Modkat Litter Box, NomNom, Hi-Lo Scratcher, and Hepper Pod pet bed for our ragdoll kitten a few months ago, and I am extremely impressed with the quality of all products. The Modkat makes cleaning easy, fuss free with no tracking, the NomNom keeps food where it should be (in the bowl!), the Hi-Lo Scatcher gets a healthy workout daily, and the Pod provides a great hiding/sleeping place.  Our 'kitten' is already 5.2kg, and despite the Pod recommendation for pets up to 5.5kg, our cat easily fits in the opening with plenty of room left inside for him to keep growing.
The Service from D&CLifestyle was prompt, professional and supportive to all my needs at the time of purchase and beyond"



Hi Andrew

We just want to say how fabulous our new Flip litter box is! Finally some privacy while we answer Nature's call! Mum and Grandma are very pleased as well as apparently we make far less mess and also they no longer have to look at what we produce.

Thanks ever so much! The mat is very cool too! Gets those last uncomfortable bits of litter out of between our toes. We don't have to shake our feet around anymore!

Pablo and Nina


Hi Andrew

Here are a few photos of our cats in their pods. They are loving the pods - a nice calm 'cat cave' escape from a busy household with two young children, and we like the fact that we can move the pods around the house, and even take them down to our beach house when we travel with Lenny & Lucy. I'm still amazed that two large-breed cats, Lenny especially, are so comfortable in the the pods - a credit to the designers!