Compare Litter Boxes

  1. Is the Condo only for kittens or is it good for cats as well? The Condo is fine for both cats  and kittens. Cats enjoy their own space and once they explore the inside of the Condo they become accustomed to it. When you put their favourite bed or accessories in the Condo it helps with familiarisation.
  2. Will cats eat near where the litter tray is? The litter tray is sufficiently away from your cat’s food as it is on the bottom level and there is good ventilation. Furthermore if you use the litter cover, it adds another level of privacy. A reputable, environmentally friendly Cat Litter such as OzPet will ensure there are no smells.
  3. Is the Condo made from toxic materials? Our manufacturers adhere to Australian environmental standards and use materials which fall well below any toxicity levels.
  4. Is the Condo resistant to water and moisture? The surfaces are water resistant and the timber material used have a degree of moisture resistance for general temperatures and humidity. Naturally, all furniture is affected by continuous water or moisture  abuse and any spills should be sponged away.
  5. Is it easy to clean? Yes it is made from kitchen grade, hygienic melamine or 2 pack polyurethane. Just wipe down with a damp sponge or kitchen cloth. If soiled use a mild detergent in warm water, then dry with a paper towel.
  6. Is it easy to move? Yes, the Condo uses easy glide castors or sliders.
  7. How often should I change the litter? Refer to your litter instructions but as a rule it is best to either clean lumpy or soiled areas daily.
  8. Does the Condo come with a scratching post? No. There are a variety of posts available which are made from carpet, sisal, or corrugated cardboard. Our suggestion is to purchase the one which best suits your cat and secure it either to the floor or the wall.
  9. What accessories does the Cat Condo come with? There are no accessories provided as it is best to use those which are familiar to your cat.
  10. What if my cat does not like the Cat Condo? We offer a 21 day money back guarantee, even if your cat does not like it. See Guarantee tab for details.