Australia & New Zealand

We have had lots of enquiries from New Zealand. D & C Lifestyle distribute throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our postage to New Zealand (depending upon location) is approx $60 AUS.

Both the Hepper and Modko products have proved popular and we are proud to represent these fabulous products across the ditch.

If anyone would like information just email me at

Dr Harry likes the Hepper POD

Last year when I was thinking of importing the Hepper POD I gave one to Steve Austin to invite Dr Harry to let him know what he thought. So he made a mention of it on the Better Homes and Gardens TV show and spoke glowingly of it as being especially good for the cooler winter months. Amongst the features he sighted that the POD allows just the right height for the cat to be perched above the ground out of harms way of prying dogs; also allows for a peaceful sanctuary allowing natural warmth.

Interest came from all over Australia and we soon had them for purchase from our webstore and selected stores around the country.


Available in 2 colours, the POD has been a favourite...not only does it look stylish, it is extremely functional.