Pup Head Puppy Training Matt

“The Original Portable Indoor Dog Potty” is a three-part system that includes Authentic Pup-Grass®, a specially engineered artificial turf that contains antimicrobial properties and allows for instant drainage of liquids. A perforated drainage grate keeps liquids separate from the grass. Our specially designed sturdy, lightweight collection tray holds almost 1.5 gallons of liquid. In addition, our patent-pending scent attracts dogs automatically.

Pup-Head® portable indoor dog potty is the #1 selling puppy training matt on the market today. We designed a great looking quality product that your dog will feel comfortable using. It is designed low to the ground so that dogs do not have to step up onto a raised platform and the Pup-Head® Portable Indoor puppy training matt is easy to clean. The Pup-Head® can be emptied directly into the toilet or it can be used with Absorbent Pads, newspaper, paper towels, or micro-fine crystal kitty litter.

Pup-Head® weighs less than 2.5kgs. It is a perfect solution for apartments, high-rise buildings, boats and recreational vehicles, or during inclimate weather. Perfect for housebreaking puppies and pet owners with busy or unpredictable schedules. Especially useful for elderly or handicapped pet owners. Anyone who may be unable to take their dogs outdoors several times a day will love Pup-Head®. Dogs love it because it appeals to their natural instinct and Pup-Head™ is the only portable puppy training matt made with Authentic Pup-Grass® Synthetic Grass designed especially for dogs. Our special antimicrobial blend helps fights bacterial causing odors which makes living with dogs safer and more pleasant. In addition to the care and training guide, Pup-Head® Portable Dog Potty comes with a heavy duty box that is also a transportable carrying case with handle so it is easy to take with you when you travel with your dog. (We have heard that cats use Pup-Head® too!)


Pup-Head® FAQs

I have a male dog, will he use it without a place to mark?

Male dogs will still lift their legs and urinate . Their intention is to mark territory.

How often do I clean it?

Everyone has different standards for cleaning so it is really a personal preference. We do recommend picking up solids so your dog does not step in their own waste and track it.

Is it easy to empty?

It is quite simple to empty providing you do not let the receptacle fill to the top with urine. Remove the grass and drainage grate and dispose of the urine outdoors or pour down a drain.

How do I keep the urine from spilling?

We recommend absorbing the urine with our Pup-Pads™ micro fiber pads, or our disposable tray liners. You may also use a small amount of kitty litter, (crystal, not clay type) newspapers, or paper towels.

How long will the grass last?

The Pup-Grass® mat will last indefinitely under normal use. The warranty does not cover damage caused by harsh chemicals or damage caused from excessive digging, clawing, or chewing.

After cleaning and drying, brush the mat with a brush to raise the nap. This will promote excellent drainage.

After washing, will the scent disappear?

Yes, the attractant will eventually fade because your dog will cover the scent with their own. This is known as marking. The reason our attractant works so well is that dogs want to replace the scent with their own.

How big is Pup-Head®?

50cm x 76cm for the original size.

How much does Pup-Head® weigh?

Approximately 2.3 kg



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