Duo Scratchers - WalkThru + Lulu

These products give your cats the best of both worlds....whether you have one, two or more cats it is often good to have scratchers in different places or rooms. This gives your cat/s the freedom to have a change of scenery, variety and also keeps them more engaged and out of mischief.

The Walk Thru scratcher is the larger of the two with a 'Walk-Thru' area whist the 'Lulu' is  made from solid recycled paperboard . Both are reversible to prolong their life.

They also double up as a lounge so when they are not sharpening their talons they are resting on their own happy place.

Buy these two (usually $109 and $79 respectively) as a 'bundle' for only $168.

Only available in white.

Type: Scratchers

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