Is your cat happy?

Cat's need a conducive environment to keep them happy, especially when they are left alone all day inside your fact, your home  becomes their home.

In order to minimise boredom in the home, jazz it up for your cat in several ways. Add another bed which is placed in an elevated position, and add a scratcher or 2 in different locations/rooms...these are really good deterrents if you suffer from scratched furniture. Plus the 'lounge' style scratcher encourages them to sleep on them.

Recycled paperboard scratcher & lounges are really practical as they keep cats cool in summer and warm in winter. This is achieved by the aeration in the corrugations of the paperboard. The scent in the paperboard reminds cats of the outdoors as the material originates for paperbark trees. Plus the scent emitted from your cats talons marks out the territory so you cat knows that the scratcher is their domain.

Keeping cats happy keeps carers happy.

Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis