Getting your cat to use Scratchers

It is a great idea to have dedicated places in your home that are set up with objects ha your cat can happily scratch.

The Hepper Hi-Lo scratching post is perfectly suited fro your cat's natural desire to want to scratch both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Having Hi-Lo scratching posts around your home will help keep your cats scratching on something allowable, and keep them away from scratching something forbidden.

Thankfully, like other Hepper pieces, the Hi-Lo scratching post also looks good in your home, rather than the typical carpet laden scratching posts of days gone by.

Because scratching posts are seen as a place for your cat to leave their scent and gain some territorial confidence, it is best to have a scratching post in each of the common areas of your home. If you have several cats, then having the scratching posts in these common, 'neutral' areas will be less stressful than the cats potentially scenting each other's safe place.

In most cases it will be the scratching post your cat notices first as he or she enters a room. This is primarily because of the combination of the visual appearance of the post and the scent from the cats that have been using it.

The horizontal & vertical nature of the Hepper Hi-Lo scratching post, its size, and the texture of the scratching area, all mean that it will prove to be popular for your cats.

Letting them scratch away on an appropriate and effective object like this will also work toward keeping them territorially confident. In fact, the best way to confirm this is to see how often they use the Hi-Lo in front of you. A cat scratching directly in front of their owner is typically a very territorial confident one.

From " Happy Cats" by Dr Mark Edwards

Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis