Cat’s eye for elegant design

Cats are no different from humans in their appreciation of elegant design and beautiful surroundings, according to Andrew Lewis of

He believes cats & kittens should have a healthy & happy environment which has a direct impact on their behaviour.

“It is remarkable the difference elegant design and beautiful surroundings make to cat behaviour”, said Andrew.

Dnclifestyle specializes in bespoke cat furniture such as scratchers and Pod Beds & the Modkat which assist feline friends to become acclimatised to urban home living.

“The difference is immediate. The cats and kittens just become content so quickly….its amazing to see,” says Andrew

“Cats are drawn to the furniture for its simplicity and comfort.”

‘With the boom in inner city living you just need to understand that, like humans, cats need elegant and functional furniture and a nice environment,” he said.

Andrew says there are some simple rules to follow in creating the right environment for your cat.

Owners perceive their cats as being independent pets that don’t have any special requirements but this is not true. Having a cat that is happy & stress free also lowers the chance of certain feline behavioural and health issues including:

  • inter-cat aggression
  • urinary issues
  • inappropriate toileting
  • scratching furniture

The benefit is all yours….a house of happy cats means a home with happy people!


Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis