Hepper Hi-Lo Scratchers moving fast

The  Hepper Hi-Lo cat Scratchers are proving to be really popular. General feedback has been positive with most customers liking the fact that it is more a piece of furniture than an ugly pet product. This is in no small part due to the thoughtful creativity which Jed Crystal puts into all of his products.

A designer by trade he developed the Hi-Lo with the cat and more importantly, owner in mind.


There is no reason why a functional product should not also look good....and here we have it.

The Hi-Lo is a dual position scratcher which can be changed to amuse your cat even more...the tall position is good for a stretch and scratch while the Lo position is ideal for more of a horizontal scratch....you could say this is a Yoga toy for cats as it gives the body a gentle workout in two positions.....nice one Jed.

Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis