Hepper Hi-Lo2 ARRIVING

The long awaited Hepper Hi-Lo 2 has arrived! At least the ship has arrived. Now all that is left is for customs to release the goods and for the goods to be unloaded into our fulfilment company for dispatch.

The new Hi-Lo2 is the brainchild invention of Jed Crystal, owner and designer at Hepper. It has the same size and shape as the old Hi-Lo, however has 2 important changes. The scratching pad is made from solid corrugated cardboard. This allows for easier assembly and is more durable than the previous style. So it will last longer and stand up to those talons better. The second feature is that the wooden frame is replaced with an elegant tubular chrome base (not dissimilar to the tubing style on the Hepper POD). This allows for easier assembly and assists with maintaining a better selling price as there are less parts which need to be handled in the production process.

As yet we have not seen the product other than pics of the prototype, but knowing Jed and his eye for detail and perfection, we are sure that this will be an absolute winner.

Stay tuned.

Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis