ModKats Shipment next week...

Our long awaited Modkat shipment arrives next week. Rich Williams, the designer of the Modko range has made a special production run for D&C Lifestyle, for which we are thankful.

Colours available are White, Black and Red (back by popular demand).

The Modkats have proved to be really popular and have been purchased by a small but loyal flock of cat lovers who appreciate not only stylish cat furniture but extremely practical modern cat furniture. The feedback that we have had is that the ModKat is absolutely private and non confronting for cats, it eliminates tracking and odurs so it can be placed in most rooms as it is pleasant on the eyes and blends nicely with most modern home interiors.

Along with this shipment is an ample supply of Modko Liner bags, so if you need extra feel free to go online and order.

Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis